The Boydston group goes to ACS San Francisco!

On August 13-17, the Boydston group attended ACS San Francisco to present their talks and posters.

Congrats to the following group members for presenting their work!

  • Olivia Bae, Influence of NHC structure on the mechanophore reactivity of NHC-carbodiimide in polymeric network (talk)
  • Chang-Uk Lee, Additive manufacturing with silicone by Heating at a Patterned Photothermal Interface (HAPPI) (talk)
  • Brittany Trinh, Controlling crosslinking density of linear metal-free ring-opening metathesis polymers (poster)
  • Meg Tetzloff, Expanding the applications of metal-free ring-opening metathesis polymerization through functional initiators and chain-transfer agents (poster)
  • Jerry Miao, Development of an open-source screw-assisted direct ink writing 3D printer for versatile material applications (poster)
  • Vinnie Rigoglioso, Droplet-flow of photoredox ROMP (poster)
  • Ruojia Li, Active esters and post-polymerization modification in metal-free ring-opening metathesis polymerization (poster)
  • Cody Schilling, Sonochemically induced retro Diels-Alder activation of alicyclic diimide mechanophores (talk)
  • Kyle Chin, Dual-wavelength digital light processing toward multimaterial 3D printing (talk)
  • Sean Gitter, C-H Functionalization of Polynorbornenes (talk)
  • Chang-Uk Lee, Additive manufacturing (AM) with non-conventional build materials (talk)