Congrats to Vinnie on his JACS paper!!

This project was led by the Barner-Kowollik group and centers on the discovery that disparate monomer classes, norbornene and methacrylates, can be copolymerized in a photomediated process. The paper can be found here:

Making PNB from…PNB? Yep.

Congrats to Daniel Lee and Tori Kensy! Their work, in collaboration with Prof. Brian Long and Christopher Maroon (each at UT-Knoxville), was just accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. This paper describes the mechanochemical conversion …

The Group is growing!

The group welcomes first-year graduate students Rachel Tritt, Sean Gitter, Vinnie Rigoglioso, and Cody Schilling. We’re all exciting to have outstanding new team members.

Another review article just went online!

This review describes the current status and exciting potential of dual polymerization chemistry to provide advanced biomaterials. The review article is a continuation of our collaboration with the Pun Research Group at the University of …

Check out our latest review article!

This review focuses on recent advances in 3DP with stimuli-responsive materials. The publication is a continuation of our ongoing collaboration with the Nelson Research Group at the University of Washington. URL:!divAbstract