Berthel, Eviana

Eviana Berthel is from Zwingle, Iowa, and is majoring in Chemistry with a certificate in Leadership. She joined the Boydston group in May 2022, working on Materials Characterization of Thermosets and Thermoplastics. Throughout her college career, Eviana has been involved in multiple STEM and leadership-focused experiences, such as serving as the Student Organization Chair of the Wisconsin Engineering Student Council, being an active member of a professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau-Xi, developing online courses for professors, and designing a Wellhead and Groundwater Protection Plan for Marathon County. Eviana currently is working towards a career in cosmetic formulation and business. In her spare time, she enjoys anything to do with makeup and fashion, cooking, spending time in nature, and attending concerts.

Pietsch, Ana

Ana is a Chemistry major at the University of Madison Wisconsin and is pursuing a certificate in African Cultural Studies. She joined the Boydston Research Group in Fall 2023 characterizing and synthesizing photoresin containing piezoelectric particles. In addition to her research, she also is a Lab Assistant for general chemistry courses at UW Madison. She hopes to use her experience for research after graduating with her bachelors in 2025. In her free time, you can find Ana at the Nicholas Recreational Center or studying in the new chemistry building!

Schoenenberger, Chase

Chase is from Sheboygan, WI. He is currently majoring in neurobiology and has some background in 3D-printing on Inventor. He joined the Boydston research group in August 2023. He joined the Boydston group to expand his knowledge in polymerization chemistry and general chemical knowledge. He will be assisting in 3D printing piezoelectric particles. Outside of the lab, Chase works as an EMT and enjoys basketball.